Medical Division
Lifestyle diseases are widespread, as countries become industrialised and people live longer. The way these begin is dangerous. It takes years to develop and then becomes so much a part of our lives that it cannot be easily cured even with allopathic medicines. Health experts attribute the increased prevalence of deadly lifestyle diseases to sedentary urban lifestyles among the booming middle class, the rise of vehicle ownership and a higher intake of fatty foods. Reduction in physical activity and exercise has also added to the scenario. Substance abuse, especially tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking may also increase the risk of certain diseases later in the life. But unlikely other diseases, lifestyle diseases can be barred, as its influence can be weakened by changing our lifestyles, improving diet and making the environment healthier. Emerging economies are not spending enough money to tackle with the lifestyle diseases despite the fact that these are the cause for most of the deaths as compared to any other disease.

Here comes the importance of Diagnostic Test kits & Instruments that helps in the early diagnosis of medical disorders and monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our company is focused on diagnostic instruments and tests that aid the medical professionals in managing several medical disorders.

Company has entered into direct import & distribution agreement with HYCOR BIOMEDICAL, USA and MEDITE, GERMANY. Hycor applies its expertise in enzyme immunoassay (EIA) technology to provide healthcare professionals with the information they need to manage Allergy & Autoimmune disorders. Medite is an experienced growing company specializing in high-quality equipment for histology, pathology and cytology labs. More direct distribution agreements with companies will be signed soon

We also have entered into distribution arrangement with several other companies to market and sell their products in the state of Kerala.

Sales & Marketing:
Our strength lies in our experienced and trained sales force, all of them have completed our sales/application training programme run by foreign company trainers at our facility.

Our direct sales force covers the entire Kerala market. We go with distributors for other states in India. Our sales officers make frequent visit to distributors and go for combined sales visits to the customers of the area. This will help in understanding and establishing our presence in each state.

Service & Tech support:
Our factory trained engineers are well experienced to attend all types of breakdown calls. Our policy is to visit on-site within 24 hrs of a registered complaint. We also have a 1000 sq.ft training and workshop facility in our HO building located at Mulanthuruthy, Kochi.
Elisa kits for autoimmune tests, viral tests, hormone tests etc
Fully Automated EIA analyzer for Specific/Total IgE test against 1500 allergens
Latex test kits (serology/virology/pregnancy/microbiology tests)
Pippette calibration verification system and reagents
Foreign partners
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